Friday, March 4, 2016

Sushi? Burger? Or Burgushi?

I'm not sure if you eat sushi or have considered trying it. Sushi is one of my top favorite foods...not appealing I know. A food blogger MUST try all different foods. I'm working my way up to spicy, so don't fire me just yet. I've tried many places for sushi and I've loved them all. I also love me a good meat is the number 1 spot on my list of favorite foods. As per usual, it was time to eat out and explore a new place. My friend wanted a burger and I wanted....either one :) As we know, Google is our best friend, so I just looked up sushi places around South Park.

I had never heard of The Cowfish before. Doesn't the name sound intriguing and peak your interest? It peaked mine, especially when I saw that they are a sushi, burger and bar place. Just my kind of place. All in one! The menu made my eyes go big. They had so many options for sushi. They had different kinds of burgers. And they had burgushi. Huh? Exactly my thoughts. A burgushi is a combination of a burger and sushi. Totally weird I know and so doesn't sound like it would be something anyone would want to eat. It's not what it sounds like. There's nothing raw inside of your burger. If you get a box, then you get a mini burger with sushi rolls on the side. That's what I ordered. I recommend the parmesan bacon truffle fries for an appetizer. They are good!!! Ok now I want some.
A good drink cannot be passed up. Drinks are another important thing I look for when I look for places to eat. I decided to go with something that would go perfectly with my meal. Sake. It's definitely an acquired taste. I ordered the sampler, which has different kinds of sake...cold, hot, flavored, and plain. If you've never tried sake, I'd suggest to go this route. Drink slowly.
Before our food came out, I decided to take a look at the bathroom. It's a good thing I decided to. It's one stall, but it's big enough for a wheelchair. Slight problem. The toilet's in front of the sink. Whoever thought to put the sink in front of the toilet had too many sakes. There's no way someone in a wheelchair would be able to properly wash their hands. We can't even dry our hands because the paper dispenser is high....not reachable at all. Also, there's no handicap parking in front of the restaurant. You have to go to the parking deck to find accessible parking and there are only 2 spaces. No bueno.

Honestly, I really never thought about accessibility as much. I just always dealt with certain places not being accommodating or figured out a way to make it work for me. Now that I'm involved with W.E.A.N and F4ACLT, I see that places really need to think differently in regards to accessibility. Not everyone has someone with them to help with certain needs. We're just not on the same height as everyone else is.

Stay tuned!!!

Your resident guest blogger,

The Cowfish
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Charlotte, NC 28211
Tel: 704-365-1922
Fax: 704-365-1924
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